It’s Just The Flu Bro (It’s Not!)

just the flu bro pandemic corona virus

It’s Just the Flu Bro

No, it’s not on the same park as the flu.

There’s good reasons why all the experts are stressing.

According to notable experts we are at least 12 months from a vaccine.

It is many times more contagious than the flu.

To give you perspective Spain went from 100 cases to 3800 cases in 9 days.

The SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID19) is at least 30 times more fatal than the flu.

There are reports that it can stay in the air for a few hours after the infected has left the space.

It's Just The Flu Bro,
how corona virus spreads

Has between 10 – 20% probability of putting you into hospital. 5% in ICU.

With estimations of 50 – 70% of the population getting it sometime in the future. It will have BIG implications.

Time frame of being sick is much longer than the flu. There are cases up to 42 days.

It's Just The Flu Bro, sickness chart corona virus

Overwhelm our medical systems.

Shut down many if not all events.

Must shut down many business and work places.

It is unprecedented on a global scale a virus having this level of impact aside from the 1920 Spanish Flu killing at least 50 million people.

Wish it was like the flu bro, but it’s not.

It's Just The Flu Bro
Flu vs COVID death rate by age
It's Just The Flu Bro
Contagiousness of COVID19

Practise Social Distancing

If you’re wondering what it is like to be an introvert. Now is the time to learn to be one. For quite a few of us cannabis enthusiasts there will be no changes to our lifestyles whatsoever.  You’re going to hear the term social distance a lot during this time in an outbreak. So, that means keep away from as many people as necessary.  Don’t go to crowded places or places that have a big flow of people running through.  Lower your chances of being infected by staying away from potentially infected people. If you really want to go out, go to the park or somewhere with few crowds.  Breathe, this isn’t permanent.

This will mean, on a bigger picture and as a whole collective society, we don’t all get sick together and cause overload in the health system. An overload will mean in times of life and death, doctors will need to prioritise those with a greater chances of living than those who do not! It's Just The Flu Bro, Flattening the curve Social Distance So you want to be in that grey curve. Red curve is bad. Look at China, Iran, Italy, Korea and now Spain. This means it’s the time to just chill at home. Work on an incomplete project. Read that book you’ve been itching to read. Finish that blog piece you have been leaving out. Hell, just learn a new skill like knitting! If you are concerned wear a mask but it’s worth noting that it doesn’t offer full protection from being infected. To give you an idea with what we’re dealing with check out below on how flu’s spreads.

Wash Yo Hands!

All of the experts are advising this.

This is one common way that viruses spread. You touch something and then you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. It’s inevitable.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

It's Just The Flu Bro, Wash your hands scan

It's Just The Flu Bro

Hope this helps understand why lock down and quarantine is crucial to minimise catastrophe in the hospitals and medical centres.

And until then take care of your health and don’t forget to stock up on some goodies to get you through the impending apocalypse.

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