Social Distance?

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If the world was to crumble, it would look something like what we are witnessing now. Stock markets crashing. Cities empty. Hysteria on the media. Hospitals overloaded with the sick and dead.

Welcome to the twilight zone.

Leaving from where we last left off, there were some lose ends that I wanted to clarify.  Social distancing is such a funny term when applied to our everyday lives.

Why social distancing works?

Social distancing means you stay away from other people, especially people that you don’t live with. Sensibly it should be called physical distancing or spacial distancing.

Keeping a distance is important during a pandemic because the coronavirus  contagion spreads via small droplets filled with the virus upon coughing, sneezing or even talking.

Over 50% of spreaders are from people showing no symptoms!

These particles can be breathed in, passed on by touch from surface to eyes, mouth or sinus or land on food and drinks.
So the less time people spend together, the less of a probability of being infected. Got it?
Experts recommend we behave as we are already infected. Do what you need to avoid getting others infected.

What should I be doing?

If you are getting things delivered:

Make sure you handle with care, dispose of packaging and wash your hands right afterwards. Whatever you do during this time before washing your hands.
Though it is likely that by the time that the parcel arrives to your destination the virus has been deactivated.
If you need to venture outside like buying food then the key rule is to keep a 2 metre distance from others.
social distancing spacial physical
People with flu like symptoms with fevers and dry cough should immediately isolate at home to avoid spreading the virus.
So please wear a mask (P95 or surgical) and gloves to reduce the risk of being infected or spreading.

Here’s an excellent visual article to read to help you understand how viruses spread and why quarantine and lockdowns work.

And until then, enjoy staying at home and if you need to go out to the shops make sure you wear a mask and gloves.

Wash your hands & don’t touch your face until you have wash your hands!!!

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