Five Things to do While High

Activity while high

Do you find yourself getting high and end up doing the same things? It can get boring running the same regiment over and over again, so we made a list for you ghouls and gals. Everybody loves lists! Depending on which altitude you are on, we have a compiled our top five physically and mentally wholesome activities to do when you’re in space mode.


Stretching is a super must do.Have you seen your pet dog or cat doing stretches here and there? If your animal companion is doing it then so should you – they are certainly onto something important we can incorporate into our lives high or not high.Here are a few reasons why you should be constantly stretching – and there’s no such thing as too much stretching (though don’t overstretch!). Your body will love you for it no matter how high you are.

  • Our bodies need to loosen up all those muscles strained from the lack of mobility or too much mobility. Stretching is the most practical way to allow our bodies to loosen up those tired or stiff muscles. See it as an essential element to exercising or, alternatively, an essential activity in taking good care of our bodies.
  • Stretching allows our bodies to become flexible. It becomes collateral for possible future injuries as we are more equipped to handle the bumps and the falls like a cat. For example you can easily slip a disc your spine from putting your shoe in an awkward position. So yes, stretching turns you into a cat, now you can jump off buildings.
  • It fixes our posture – so it’s all interconnected in within our body bag and over time the more consistent your stretching you do the more you are realigning your body for better posture which leads to all sorts of health benefits like better breathing and prevent spinal issues in future.
  • Our body is a complex interconnected network of nerves, organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and everything in-between all working together to make our bodies work in harmony. Stretching realigns all those parts to its most natural and effective position so you’ll feel more centered and able to breathe easier.
  • It activates the muscles and joints by allowing blood and nerve activation within that stretched area. This will assist with recovery or regeneration and act as a buffer for potential injury as well.
  • High stretching can be, surprisingly, enjoyably therapeutic not only to your body but to our minds as your high can get you into that flow state zone as you are moving with your body to get into those tight muscles while you’re in the relaxed state.
  •  You can do it anywhere and anytime! Do it while watching content, talking, waiting, sitting, laying down – hell, the possibilities are limitless!

High Thoughts > High Conversations

The higher the conversation the higher you go. Here’s why high conversations are awesome:

  • We’re human beings so we’re genetically programmed to be social creatures.
  • Interacting with other fellow humans while high – about high topics can make us even higher due to the oxytocin released from such an activity.
  • Connecting with other people makes us ‘happy” due to all sorts of evolutionary weathering over the aeons into our DNA – we are wired in one way or another to interact with others. It is healthy for our mental well being because it lights up our brains.
  • When we’re in a high state our thought patterns change and it’s always interesting to observe where the conversation goes.
  • When engaged in the old art of conversation we are firing those neurons to hone in on those talking and listening skillsets. Though it should be noted that cannabis can impair your verbal memory so it can leave you going on a tangents or forgetting the tangent altogether.

Whatever the conversation it’s always fun to chit chat with fellow astronauts.

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Go into the wild

There’s something primal and familiar being out in nature that speaks to all of us. Being amongst nature in the wilderness can be thoroughly therapeutic and can be enhanced by enjoying the experience high. Nature is interesting (particularly so when in an elevated state). The leaves, the rocks, the trees and the sounds created by the environment can be spectacular when you tune into your psychoactive mind to the sensory experience. Best of all it’s often free! Here are two activities that we recommend you try out:

  • Hiking / Bushwalking

Have you ever encountered an unhappy or stressed looking hiker? Neither have we.Hiking is one of the healthiest treat you can give yourself because you’re constantly moving your body around and using all of your senses to navigate through the living ecosystem.You’ll need to look in front of you as well as where you step meanwhile trying to enjoy the beauty mother nature has on show. And because you’ll need to consonantly scan this is a good activity for your eyes.I am certain fellow ents are well in tuned with the sense of smell. We should make use of this superpower and see what our noses picks up whilst traversing through the landscape. What do you smells do recognise in the wilderness?Any sensory experience you have while high in nature is amplified and there’s something primitively therapeutic about interacting with the things you discover while in the wilderness. Practise mindfulness when out there and take note of your five senses in touch, smell, sight, hear and even taste. 

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  • Camping

Camping is rarely a comfortable experience, that is unless you’re glamping. It goes well with being high because, like hiking, your sensory will be on overload.Just don’t forget to pitch your tent and equipment up first!Enjoy cooking your favourite camping food over a warm radiating wood fire overlooking the clear star studded skies. Ahhh the great outdoors!

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*Common sense and safety precautions strictly applies when in the wilderness.Let someone know where you’re going and pack the necessary equipment such as first aid kit (with meds on hand), adequate fluids, food and as well as appropriate attire.


Have you tried yoga while high? We certainly recommend – we’d advise you to be at a functional state in order to be able to follow the instructor. Otherwise if experienced you can do it on your own.Yoga is synonymous to stretching and core movements but with flow and there’s no better med to go well with those combinations! Also add the spirituality aspect if that vibes with you to synchronise with your elevated state of mind and being.We’d recommend you try the Vinyasa or flow type yoga. If you’re feeling stretchy then opt into a Yin class. Enter that flow state and bask in that yoga glow ~ Recommended: Charlotte’s WebAK47

Doodle / Draw / Write

When high our mind is in an active creative state. So when you use a pen or pencil in this state you’re able to express your mind differently.Particularly so when proof reading or when you want to see things in another light when in such state.Plus there’s something tactile and cathartic about scribbling on a blank piece of paper left from an unused book unplanned and free flowing.There are so many ways you can do this – if you’re stuck on ideas just copy anything you think is interesting on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.Doodle plants, people, characters, letterings or even a visual diagram of something like your mourning routine and night routine.See what you can draw and how creative you can get – there are some amazing examples on social media to spark your inspiration. Recommended Strains Khalifa KushAK47

So let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Any activities compromising your wellbeing and safety must be done in a safe and common sense manner at own risk. If you are unsure about any particular activity please consult your regular health professional.

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