The Silver Bullet to Headaches & Migraines?

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The Magic Pill for Migraines & Headaches DOES exist and it comes in the form of CBD with the studies claiming it has 86% efficacy. 

So here I lay on my bed trying to work out whether I have covid, the flu or some debilitating cold. I hope to almighty Odin it’s not covid because I’ve managed to dodge it for this long. Long-Covid is real.

My noggin is throbbing in pain – I couldn’t even listen to any sound whatsoever on my phone or mac. Moving my head even hurts. This sucks.

I am listless, like the expired lithium battery leaking in your tool box.

My meat bag creaks all over like a century old cabinet draw.

There’s a bottle of CBD oil sitting on my bedside cabinet.

At this point in time – I am willing to try anything & to be honest – I feel bloody miserable. This bug is certainly giving my immune system a run for its money!

Half a milligram & 20MG dosage later throbbing head-pain dissipates. I can’t believe it, CBD actually works! I take more, and apparently a good dosage is around 300MG of CBD.

Ok now onto the boring bit:

So apparently with a quick google I found in an article by Forbes with a study made by a supplement company reported 86% of the test subjects in a 30 day study said that CBD alleviated their chronic migraines. The research was to gauge how migraines impact day to day functional capacity of test subjects – an interesting study worth a read.

It seems there’s speckled from armchair observation (I am in no way medically educated), the studies out there that would indicate those suffering periodic migraines would benefit more from consuming cannabinoids compared to pharmaceutical medication.

IT should also be noted this conclusion about CBD and efficacy for head pain is yet to be peer reviewed by the science-medical body so take as you may with a grain of salt or two.

The study concluded that CBD does indeed contain medicinal/pharmacological properties even though the conclusion is contradicted by the American FDA clowns – strongly contrary to a growing global body of health physicians directly dealing with cannabis concluding otherwise. But what would other countries, aside from the FDA know right? Right?

So the general consensus of the data reveals there’s a 33% reduction in those suffering chronic migraines of varying from 15 to 30 days.

So what does that mean?

It means it’s worth looking into if you fall into two categories (one being you get headaches, two, being medically informed) and giving it a go (with approval of your health physician) and try it in incremental doses of 5MG every hour and see how your body responds to the intake of CBD.

Could this also mean that cannabis high in CBD help that throbbing head pain?

And at the end of the day for anything health related, please learn to listen to your body first and foremost – and always act sensibly & do your own due diligence when it comes to medication.

We would love to hear your experience with CBD & headaches below:

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