COVID-19/Holiday Shipping Notice

As Canada Post is expecting an unprecedented volume of deliveries this holiday season, please be advised that delivery delays are to be expected. In addition, please keep in mind that certain provinces are expecting to experience lockdowns, which will lead to store closures and a surge in deliveries by Canada Post.

All orders will be processed in the same manner, however, to avoid disappointment due to delays, we recommend factoring a few additional days to your required arrival date.

In an attempt to prevent holiday delivery theft, all packages are being shipped with ‘no safe drop’ by default. Unless your package is deemed lost by Canada Post, we assume no responsibility for lost or stolen packages.

If your package is delayed, please do reach out to our team at [email protected], so that an investigation can be started by Canada Post. However, no further action can be taken until Canada Post has completes their investigation. Please be advised that these investigations can sometimes take up to 2-3 weeks.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated! Happy Holidays and thank you for the continuous support!

Much love from the Kush Station Team