A Little Intro into The World of Live Resin


TDLR: Live Resin are extracted from frozen flowers right after they are harvested, and before curing, to capture the richest terpenes and flavour profiles while keeping maximum potency.

As the cannabis marketplace is evolving, many new products are showing up on the shelf along with new things to learn. This is particularly so in the world of concentrates. It’s a daunting rabbit hole of scientific jargon surrounding the whole area of cannabis but we’re here to shine light on the world of  LIVE RESIN.

“Live resins have come quite a long way since their Colorado inception. As recently as a few years ago, they were an enigmatic and rare product only found in certain connoisseur markets at premium prices.

As the market for cannabis concentrates continues to demand more flavorful options that offer a more complex experience, live resins will continue to become more available to the consumer

– Leafy

So what is Live Resin?

Put simply; live resin comes from trichomes extracted from a frosted flower right after it is cut from a live plant. The method uses a type of BHO procedure when the flower’s are ripe with all the essential compounds and before they are cured hence the term ‘live’ resin.

It is considered in the cannabis marketplace as the bees knees of the concentrate world.

LIVE RESIN, why so much buzz?


The reason why Live Resin is so prized in the cannabis market is because it’s essentially getting fresh flowers in concentrate form. The smell and flavour essences are locked in via this extraction method.

Live Resin, on average, carry on a much more robust terpene concentration than traditional cured BHO extracts.

There’s something being sprouting in the cannabis world regarding layering and synergistic effects created (entourage effect) not only by the chemical compounds like THC and CBD derivatives but also the terpene and flavoids. It could also explain why Live Resin extracts are such prized cannabis commodities.

Due to the high levels and quality of terpenes extracted, there’s an entourage effect when dabbed or vaped. It’s quite similar to how premium products in the world of wine, spirits, cigars, coffees, cacao, perfumes and tea are enjoyed. Think of the smells, the flavours and the effects to give you an experience.

The Method

The most fresh and ripe aroma profiles are preserved and essence locked in by processing the flowers right after harvesting. They are kept at subzero temperatures throughout the whole process to ensure the essences of the trichomes have not dissipated due to heat erosion.


The Live Resin extraction method was recently pioneered in 2011 by a small group of cannabis entrepreneurs from Colorado. They were able to stablise and capture live resin – via using a modified BHO extractor with low as possible temperatures combined with freshly frozen flowers. A shock freezing method. From this particular a method they were then able to extract the highest levels and spectrum of terpenes at zero loss in plant essences.

And because the method is complex requiring laboratory equipment and expertise it is why Live Resin is a superior concentrate product that can sometimes demand higher tier prices.


Live Resins can vary in texture, colour and smell depending on many factors like method and cultivar.

These various textures depend on a combination of factors: the genetics processed; terpene content; purging techniques; post-extraction manipulation.

– Alcimiaweb

They come in the following varieties:

Storing Live Resin

Store it in an airtight jar in a dark place or dark container if you intend to consume the product slowly otherwise a silicone container will be ideal for quick consumption. The rubbery texture of the silicon makes it easy to separate from the container.

Heat, light, moisture and air are all factors that will degrade the quality of live resin or any plant based product for that matter.

And just like your flowers, teas, coffee and wine – you want to store your resin so the it’s potency and flavour essences don’t deteriorate.

Live Resin = Fresh Food

In short, you are getting the cleanest and freshest cannabis concentrate possible. There’s little to no degradation of the trichomes and therefore the psychoactive and terpene components are preserved and locked in from day one for superior potent enjoyment.

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